Case story with Runes 5.2.2012

Chris and me where browsing in the internet where I found a story about an unholy tradition in Vietnam where a pig is brutally killed on a yearly festival.

I clicked on the link to sign the petition and my intention was not to get involved with the cruelty and suffering, but simply to sign the petition. This is a long time habit in my work as an animal activist .However as I saw the photo of the still alive pig I already engaged emotionally to it and on the way of scrolling down to the petition I had to engage to cruel pictures. I sign the petition and my head was spinning, like if I would faint any minute. I took a deep breath and decided to do one round EFT to distress myself. After that I started to talk to Chris about animal abuse .. suffering on the planet and my personal way of responding to it. My respond as always been to help but in a way that I was always a part of the suffering .Not only a part of me was suffering but almost the whole me. This was creating for me for years a sense that this planet is a place of suffering only suffering with only little hope. I learned later that I have to detach myself from the suffering in order to be able to help with a different mindset. I manage to do that quite good as long as I was not overwhelmed with news ( mostly animal abuse). Something told me today about the pig story that something wasn’t right with me , I could sense some blocks and so I decided to use EFT and see how it goes.

I asked Chris to be my partner and so we did the set up.

First sentence was not even completed completely as I failed to find the words for it.

I started with “We are a part of suffering ..

First round We are

Scale -5



A part of suffering



And suddenly the rest of the sentence became apparent with

Because I created so much suffering  ( which was meant in the that way that I had been a part of creating suffering in the past . This sentence just came up and perhaps was related to a previous life.)

This round was very effective and my breathing was very strongly with wiggeling and coughing as I usually do..


3 rounds EFT to get out of this until +10

Chris and me decided to use the Runes now with a new positive sentence

Gifa ( the Rune talks about harmony between differences ,black and white, man and women and is a gift. Also could mean sacred marriage, inner marriage.

The sentence was: Gifa Gifa Gifa , I trul love and forgive myself.

This round was very powerful in combination with  the Rune Gifa.. and by the end I felt a bit dopy and was above +10 with some clouds in my head.

We talked a bit about the sentence and the suffering.. and Chris pointed out that I may have created lots of suffering for me . There is was I had not seen this part of it and so we both decided to do another round of EFT

I am a part of suffering and created so much suffering for myself

We could have used the Nit Rune for it, but we did not do it.

My reaction was coughing :0 and wiggling and Chris had some strong reactions as well, his face changed a lot as well as his breathing.


We did one round EFT and ended up +10 and chose a new sentence

I am a part of the cosmic love and wisdom and create a harmonious ascending life for me

Reminder.. harmonious ascending life

Gifa –Pertha-Mannaz  Gifa for harmony , Pertha for cosmic wisdom and Mannaz for Oneness

This was a pure fun round. Our voices became stronger and the Runes where really adding lots of power to the session

By the time we were tapping the fingers I to giggle a lot and we laughed and tapped and with the Runes and words.