We are very good in helping you with Depression, Anxietey, Confidence building,weightlos, phobien,stop smoking.. stage freight, panic attacks pain management, sleeping problems ect.We are good in what we are doing this is why we can help you with depression, anxietey and panic attacks ect within 8 to 14 sessions. Phobias are about 3-5 sessions .

Our clients are enjoying each session with Isma Karin Kumar from Way of Joy. Please have a look at the Testamonial site . It is a very pleasant experience and very uplifting. Sessions are either at a clinic or via skype. Working via skype is very convinient for the clients as there is no travel time and they can enjoy the sessions in their home.

At the Initial Consultation ( first session) you will receive a mp3 or CD. and will last about 60  minutes.

Each  session will be £55.00

Stop Smoking one session of 90 to 120 min plus CD/mp3
Stop Smoking session does not have an initial consultation session.
It is required that all sessions are booked in advance and paid via Paypal. In the event of cancellation, I require 24 hour’s notice, failure of which no refund can be issued.