• I’ve just finished seeing Isma on a weekly basis for 10 weeks, and this has been the biggest fundamental help I could have imagined. Her coaching empowered me to start up my own business without fear, and look forward to a prosperous future whereby I feel confident in my actions, thoughts and ambitions. Thank you Isma. I can recommend her highly and am perhaps her no.1 fan 🙂
    –Liane, Berkeley, December 14 2012
  • ‘SFH with Isma was a fantastic and valuable experience. Initially I believed I had a phobia but soon Isma worked out that my problem was actually lack of confidence and anxiety related to a particular issue. Isma smooth voice and inspiring words helped me relax in a transe and reshape my thoughts so I could tackle this specific issue. Moreover and most importantly, the therapy has also helped me to reconnect with my spiritual side, which was neglected for a while due to my hectic schedule. This has improved my life as a whole. Thank you with all my heart.’ Andy Bristol 2013
  • Kirsten Hemingway-ArnoldBleadon
  • Testimonial for Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy:Therapist: Isma Whitewolf

I asked Isma to help me with my weight using solution focused hypnotherapy. She helped me to identify that when I was worried or nervous or feeling unconfident I would eat more food or drink alcohol. Both of these things were resulting in my gaining weight. Isma helped me to identify when I was thinking or reacting from my primitive brain and taught me how to be more logical. The hypnotherapy helped me to relax and stop and think therefore taking control of my eating habits.

I lost 8lbs in total through the programme and have recommended that many people undertake this programme.

Thank you Isma.

K. A.H.. from Weston/Bleadon

  • When I first went to see Isma we were dealing with a specific problem todo with weight loss. I ha no idea that my life was about to shift in to a series of tragic, earth shattering changes. I had no knowledge about how much I was to be tested. Bu I do know that if Isma hadn’t been there to teach me how to remain calm I would never have got through them. She was inspirational gently taught me techniques that helped me stay positive and truly held me together when both our hearts were breaking as the story unfolded. Out the other side now I know that her wise counsel allowed me to learn my own lessons – which have been brilliant and I am really grateful for what happened to me and that Isma didn’t judge me for any of the tough decisions I had to make. Thank you Isma for getting mr where I got to. xx


  • At first I could not believe how pleasant this Therapy is. It worked so well with me and I loved each session. I am so much better now and cope with life easier. Thank you . M.K Birstol
  • After a long time not being able to do anything properly I found myself now being so motivated and being able to sleep after after many years. My life has changed dramasticly. M.L. Meldorf
  • It had truly changed my life and was so convienient for me via skype . It felt like you were in the room.  L.M. Frostburg