We are living in a very special times .Many people do feel that there is something that they need to  do on this planet. Many are in a transitional phase in their life, other are struggling to do the things they wish to do . 

This online seminar is designed to remove old patterns and blocks to be able to express the true divine blue print and learn powerful tools to be able to manifest our goals and dreams, as your divine blueprint holds all the energies and codes of your lifeplan. Being completely connected to your divine blueprint will help you to reach your highest potential life and timeline. 

The program of the event:

Why a positive mindset is important


How a vision board can be effectively used 

With some new manifesting tools

Arcturian Blueprint Activation meditation

Arcturian Blueprint Activation (ABA) which aligns people to their Divine Blueprint, erases old programming, and instills will.  

This will align you to your soul’s information and help it manifest fully in this life.  

As a Bonus you will get also a mp3 to bring more prosperity and success into your life with frequencies from the Arcturian Healing 

If you cannot make it at this time , you will be still in the healing vortex.

The recorded training will be send to all participants. 

See you at the 3.2.2022 at 6pm in Zoom 

Enjoy the power and effectiveness of this process.

Only 77.00£ 

For any question wayofjoy@gmx.net 


Welcome to Way of Joy live a new way of life.